Did you know that Anessa is the No.1 sunscreen brand in nhật bản for 19 consecutive years? Created by Shiseido, it’s recent and enhancedformulahelps to lớn strengthen UV protection when sunscreen comes into tương tác with heat, sweat and water. The brand’s products come in different types – milk, gel and spray – with different ranges suitable for different skin types. This time I opted for the milk type that’s suitable for sensitive skin. I started using this when spring began here in Japan. This year’s spring seems a bit warmer than last year. As a matter fact, as I’m writing this right now, the temperature feels like summer. This could mean one thing, you need a solid sunscreen to lớn battle the harmful rays of the sun even when you’re sweating. Could this be it? Keep reading.

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60ml, 2,000 ~ 3,000 Japanese YenI bought it from a popular drugstore & came with a pouch.


Gentle UV protection that contains SPF50+ PA++++ / for face & bodyMade with 50% skincare ingredients that aid in conditioning and preventing UV induced skin problems. Usable as makeup primer & comes off easily with soap.Protects skin from drynessHypoallergenicNo alcohol, preservatives, colorant, fragrance, and mineral oilUV protection veil spreads more evenly when exposed tosweat or water và becomes further stronger.Made in JapanHOW to USE:Shake well before using. Apply generously before sun exposure. Apply evenly to lớn your face and neck as the last step in your skincare routine. Apply directly khổng lồ the body in a straight line, then spread evenly in large circular motions using your palm. Use enough to lớn achieve adequate UV protection against UV rays. Re-apply frequently khổng lồ maintain protection, especially after perspiring, swimming and toweling. Remove thoroughly with daily facial cleanser.


It has a watery consistency so it’s super easy to lớn blend into the skin.

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2. Non-sticky và super lightweight3. Sweat & waterproof (I tried wearing this while playing with my dog in an xuất hiện soccer field for 2 hours. Came back home without any sunburn và my face still appeared radiant.)4. Because it’s gentle & hypoallergenic, not only is it for sensitive skin but also for babies over 1 year old.5. Friction-resistant (It doesn’t come off easily even when I’m wearing a mask.)6. Doesn’t trigger acne.


It belongs to the pricey side for me so I only use it on my face. Since it has a tone up effect, it makes my face look one tone brighter than the rest. I even use a small amount of the product. The image below explains it. Now try looking from my face down to lớn my neck, repeat & see the difference of the tone.

2. You have lớn properly moisturize your face prior lớn application. Because if you don’t, it has the tendency lớn settle in the dry parts and appear like white spots.

At the moment, I’m impressed with how well it works on my acne prone skin. I just wish it could lessen the redness of my cheeks. I’ll carry on with it and see how it goes. It definitely deserves the No.1 spot. Have you tried any Anessa products? share your experience in the comments below!

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