The world of cryptocurrency is full of risks! Every investment decision can make you totally lost.

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These two days, the most matter related to Luna and UST’s crash, which is a big beautiful dream for every investor in the crypto world once but now it has become a nightmare!!

The economic mã sản phẩm among LUNA, UST & Anchor

The crash of Luna and UST was mainly due lớn its economic mechanical model. LUNA foundation LFG designed one economic mã sản phẩm 1 LUNA equals 1 UST, & 1 UST is their stable coin to lớn peng with fiat currency USD in the real world. When 1 UST compare with 1 USD, the value is below 1 USD, then LFG will buy 1 UST và burn (reduce) its surrender in the market & same time create 1 LUNA as the cost of burning 1 UST in order khổng lồ bring the low value of 1 UST to lớn close 1 USD, vice versa.

However, this mechanical system is collapsed when the big “crocodiles" identify the weaknesses of this mechanical system by using borrowing & lending to perform the Anchor Protocol to continue borrowing and lending, use those funds to lớn sell off UST & finally push UST khổng lồ a more fair low then 1 USD. Under such a situation, LFG needs to lớn buy back those UST in the market and also create more LUNA, which also pushes the price of LUNA khổng lồ become crash, which calls the " death of crossing".

The lesson we learn!

From the crash of LUNA, UST and Anchor, we must clearly understand the following points

The world of crypto is very high risk and must have a mindset all investments will return khổng lồ “0″, then you can go into this adventure world.You must have enough understanding what coin you investment & how they run their project, và ask yourself that are you really have confidence that project. Vì chưng not put all your fund into one coin, if vì chưng so, you will totally bear the 100% risk of loss.

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Better you need to lớn spread your investment into different coins, such as BTC, ETH, ADA, DOT, ATOM etc.Keep 10-20% of cash on hand in order to lớn prepare to buy in dip when all investors lost their faith in crypto world.Be patient & waiting, slow buy in dips, bởi vì not show hand. Bởi not follow other investors khổng lồ invest one coin which everyone talking và feeling so good, which must be a trap for you.

Accounting working is some kinds of honest heart-work Which has one word to lớn express is “integrity”!

Integrity is the key heart of Accounting professional ethic và It is sometimes easy and sometimes is not easy as well which depends your professional long term view and your owned self discipline since your age.

Many cases related to lớn integrity we can face each day for example the small thing lượt thích to take pens from your company and spends it to records which is looking very little issues but it exposes your ethic problem, your self discipline & educated background.

It will become a habit when you always lớn do. One day you face more attractive interests or huge benefits within your professional works and you may lost your alarm và bet to lớn self blind-eyes that not one will know it.

Recently the Luckkin Coffee is also the typical example khổng lồ show how management of this listed corporation fail to concrete the evil of interests in their integrity. The detailed reasons behind this scandal will be many which can be known in many newspapers.

Thus, the good corporation government should focus on system build-up to balance different aspects interests and prevention no one can breach integrity in order lớn long-term affects the survive of corporation.