“I went with my grandma to lớn this restaurant & haven"t left since brought my bf along brought my great grandparents I enjoy this place so much the servers I"d a little slow second…” more

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“Went out for lunch with my family and of course we had lớn go back khổng lồ our roots & try out 7 course beef! I"m usually not too picky, but I was willing lớn try out the kinda of meats…” more


“Frechuss" Dur-Avo (Kem bơ dầm sầu riêng) is amazing. The durian ice-cream & avocado (actual fruit” more


“I went here and order the bo dam sau rieng.... Where vày I start... The ice creams taste a little” more


“Northern style Vietnamese food! We got the bun phụ vương Ha Noi (grilled pork và pork patties with vermicelli), mien tron kho (combination clear noodles), & banh…” more

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“I have been coming Bambu for a long time. Me and my family love the Bo dam sau rieng . Lately you” more

“Bun Rieu is flavorful & has all the right herbs as well as the range of meats -- pork, shrimp balls etc. My family recommended the coffee here which is how…” more

“to me. -Bo dam sau rieng (avocado and durian). The Bo Dam Sau Rieng barely has any durian flavor to lớn it” more

“snacking involved: -Bo Dam Sau Rieng
“Came during Lunar New Years & the food was excellent. I got the Banh ngươi Bo Luc Lac which looked so good when served that I forgot lớn take a picture of it.…” more

“So my latest food obsession are Pate Chaud. I have been studying all the OC establishments that sell this Vietamese meat pastry & slowly checking out the…” more

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"I went here và order the bo dam sau rieng.... Where do I start... The ice creams taste a little buttery but it feels like homemade with missing ingredient. Ice cream could get more sugary because it is more towards the bland side of taste. The ice that is mixed with the avocado is in large pieces that it hurts my teeth when lặng trying lớn eat it. It feels lượt thích they bought their blender from walmart & not a professional blender because it the ice chunks are heavy on my teeth. This sản phẩm could you some condense milk also. The Avocado also taste rubbery. I bởi not recommend this drink khổng lồ anyone. Their service was okay but the one star is for the poor tasting."