These days, you’ll find a multitude of excellent thin, light, và fast ultraportable laptops in stores, but for those of you for whom the kích thước and portability of your computer matter more than anything else, a mini máy tính with an 11-inch, 10-inch, or even a smaller display kích cỡ might be the ideal choice over everything else.

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So, if you’re like me & don’t enjoy lugging around large và heavy computers during your travels or commute, và at the same time you don’t ask much from your portable companion in terms of performance, you’ll be happy with one of the small and compact mini laptops that we’ll cover in this article.

Our recommendations are based on our 15+ years of experience in reviewing and testing this sort of portable lightweight 10/11 inch laptops.

In order lớn make it a little easier for you khổng lồ single out the best small laptops that would suit your needs and your budget, I’ve split this article into several sections:

We’ll go over the important details in each class, with the strong points và the quirks that you need lớn be aware of for each of the recommended options; I’ve also added links to our detailed reviews and to our đơn hàng pages, and you can also get in cảm biến with me in the comments section at the end of the article if you have any questions or need my help.

What is a mini laptop?

Before we jump into the vi xử lý core of the article, let’s quickly touch on what you should expect from this kind of small computers.

A mini máy vi tính offers the same functionality & aspect as a regular device, but in a smaller format. Hence, this article goes over ultra-compact small-screen laptops, so I left out the laptops with a 12-inch, 13.3-inch, or larger display sizes (I’ve covered them in this Best Ultrabook buying guide instead, which goes over the táo MacBook, Dell XPS 13, Microsoft Surface Laptop, HP Envy x360 13 & a multitude of other options built on Intel bộ vi xử lý core or AMD Ryzen hardware, with the latest traits that money can buy today).

With the small-size options that we’re discussing in this article (which are also known as netbooks on mini-laptops), you’re still getting most of the same features & abilities, but you will have khổng lồ accept lower-power hardware mostly suitable for basic everyday use and less-so for demanding applications, as well as smaller displays, fewer ports, and more cramped keyboards. Of course, there are exceptions lớn consider, & at the same time, these computers are portable & easy khổng lồ carry around, offer long battery life, and are generally quite affordable.

With that out of the way, let’s get khổng lồ our selection of the best smallest laptops with sub-11-inch displays.

Affordable 11-inch small laptops và 2-in-1 hybrids

The offer for budget 11-inch small laptops is diverse, especially in the $200 to lớn $400 range of compact no-fuss daily computers, travel companions, or inexpensive small laptops for your kids (these are just some of the common use cases for small laptops).

You must however understand, & I can’t stress it enough, what a Chromebook is và what it can & especially what it cannot vị for you. For that reason, I’ve put up a whole detailed article on Chromebooks over here, which you should go through.

In very few words, if you’re connected khổng lồ the mạng internet most of the time & your activities mostly involve browsing, streaming nội dung on Youtube or Netflix or Spotify, eMail, text-editing, và other everyday web-related tasks, a Chromebook is going to be a perfect match for you. On the other hand, if you mostly use your máy vi tính offline, or if you want to lớn run specialized software for your work or school, a Windows notebook might be the better choice for you, & we’ll discuss them further down in this article.

For those basic chores, though, Chromebooks are quicker than the Windows computers you’ll find for the same kind of money, especially in the sub $400 price segment, as well as safer & simpler to lớn use.

They’re designed so you don’t have to giảm giá with updates, they’re safer against viruses & harmful exploits, and easier to lớn customize and set up to lớn your needs. Much like with your phone, you install apps from a dedicated website store with pre-vetted applications, và most of the Chromebooks available today also support Android apps from the PlayStore, as well as Linux and even Windows apps lớn some extent.

Most of the available Chromebooks you can find for less than $400 are built on lower-power processors, with 4-8 GB of RAM memory, 16-64 GB of storage expandable through the included card reader, IPS screens with HD or Full HD resolution, an HDMI port for watching movies on an external display, as well as long battery life và fast charging abilities, in most cases. As a recommendation, stay away from older devices with hãng sản xuất intel Atom processors and only 2 GB of RAM, those get sluggish with today’s requirements.

Over here I’ve gathered a detailed selection of the best available small-format Chromebooks at the time of this update, & you’ll also find another updated selection via this link.

That aside, our condensed danh mục of recommendations for affordable ultra-compact mini Chromebooks is down below:

Acer Chromebook Spin 311 2-in-1 small laptop

Starting at around $200 at the time of this update, the Chromebook Spin 311 is our favorite inexpensive compact 2-in-1 Chromebook. It offers an 11.6-inch touchscreen display with an HD IPS panel, it’s built on an hãng intel Celeron hardware platform with 4 GB of RAM & 32/64 GB of storage space, & gets a 38 Wh battery that delivers 6-10 hours of battery life on a charge.

You’ll have lớn settle for an all-plastic construction though, with fair, but not excellent build-quality, thicker bezels around the display, & a total weight of around 2.6 lbs, so overall this is not as portable as some of the other options we’ll discuss further down.

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Lenovo Chromebook Flex 11 2-in-1 mini laptop

This is Lenovo’s alternative to the Spin 311 above, with nearly the same features, traits, & a similar price point of around $200.

This gets the same kind of 11.6-inch touchscreen display and the same convertible format, but slightly different hardware with a Mediatek processor, & a larger 42 Wh battery that allows it lớn last a little longer on each charge.

The downsides are normal for this price point, with unappealing bezels, a total weight of around 2.6 lbs, & rather tinny audio.

Lenovo Chromebook Duet mini-tablet

While the Duet is a smaller 10-inch laptop computer và I shouldn’t include it in this exact section, I just have lớn mention it as an excellent choice in the sub $300 segment, as long as you’re OK with its smaller display.

And that’s because the Chromebook Duet offers a superior-quality screen to lớn any of the other alternatives in this class, with a brighter and richer FHD IPS panel & 16:10 aspect ratio. Furthermore, the build quality of the Duet is also second-to-none in its class, with a matte aluminum back và glass on the front.

The form factor is that of a tablet, but Lenovo bundles a keyboard folio for máy tính use, and the two hóa trang for around 2 lbs combined. Spec-wise, everything is motorized by a Mediatek platform, paired with 4 GB of RAM & 64 GB of storage space, which feels alright with daily use and proves lớn be highly efficient, squeezing 6-12 hours of battery life out of the 28 Wh battery inside.

All these địa chỉ cửa hàng up to lớn the Chromebook Duet being by far the best-value option in the sub $400 class of mini laptops. Just make sure you’re fine with a 10-inch device và its slightly cramped keyboard, expected at this size.



I’ll finish this up with some quick answers lớn some of the most asked questions about these sorts of mini laptops. Here we go.

What is the difference between a regular máy tính xách tay and mini laptop?

Size, of course, as well as everything that derives out of trying khổng lồ create a fully-functional computer in a tiny chassis: lower nguồn hardware, smaller batteries, fewer ports, more cramped inputs, but also highly portable designs.

What kích cỡ (how small) is a mini laptop?

Any máy tính with a screen-size of 12-inch or less should be included in this segment.

What makes a good mini laptop?

You’ll have khổng lồ compromise here và there with a mini laptop, but for the most part, you’ll want a good price, fair build quality, and a combo of specs/battery life that can handle your demands. It’s a balance game with these devices, & there are options for most expectations.

What are the advantages of a mini laptop?

You’ll want one of these for the compact portable format and lightweight construction. As a secondary, many of these options are also inexpensive, so excellent as no-fuss travel companions or laptops for your kids.

What are the disadvantages of a mini laptop?

Based on your budget, you’ll have to lớn make vị with plastic builds, rather cramped keyboards, potentially lackluster display quality, & not much in terms of performance or even battery life with some units.

Wrap up – 10-inch và smaller laptops

These are the 11.6-inch và 10-inch small laptops and mini tablets I’d look at right now if I’d be in the market for an ultra-compact computer, either Chromebooks, MacBooks, or Windows options.

Most of them cater khổng lồ those of you on limited budgets, those looking for devices for primarily tablet use, or those looking for secondary travel notebooks or inexpensive notebooks for your kids. The options for high-end 11 and 10-inchers are limited nowadays when most OEMs have migrated their higher-tier options towards the 12-inch & 13-inch classes, which offer an increased screen area & more space inside for components & battery cells, as well as a multitude of modern features that you won’t get on these smaller computers.

Thus, if you bởi vì need more nguồn in a small khung factor, you should also check out our menu of recommended 1 2 và 13-inch ultrabooks and thin-and-light laptops, where you’ll find marginally larger, but significantly more competent options.

With that in mind, we’ll wrap this up here. I’m constantly updating this các mục of the best mini laptops out there as new qualifying devices are launched, so bởi vì save the liên kết and come back in the future. Furthermore, if you have any questions, spot any mistake, care to suggest a device that’s missing from the các mục or just want to showroom anything to the article, leave a phản hồi below, I’m around to reply and help out.